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Our Passion



Eco-Sensitive Products Good for You, and the Natural World Around You

Providing high-quality skincare basics for daily living derived from locally- and globally-sourced natural and organic ingredients.

I believe a healthy body can only be achieved with a healthy environment. With that goal in mind, I constantly strive to bring to market novel skincare basics based on proven, sustainable methods using ingredients derived from sustainable practices from around the globe. It allows Acquavena to realize my promise of eco-sensitive beauty. 

Environmentally Sustainable Packaging
Being environmentally aware is more than just buying recycled paper. It involves an holistic approach to quality and sustainability. That's why the bottles and labels used are selected for their recyclability. The glass and plastic bottles and metal lids are fully recyclable and we strongly urge you to recycle them in your area, or discover creative ways to repurpose them if your area does not offer a recycling program.

Acquavena is committed to minimal environmental impact for ALL of its products, including a cruelty-free commitment on animal testing. We encourage you to become a part of our passion by supporting Acquavena products. I welcome your ideas for creating new and unique products. You may submit your thoughts and ideas using the Contact Us page. I invite you to stay connected with Acquavena on Facebook, as well.

Together we can create better bodies and a healthier future.



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